Awakening Retreat Canary Islands

find your inner
El Dorado

Retreat with entheogenic substances to develop personal potential

Spiritual awakening from the dream of your previous life. Personal growth towards something new. Let go of the old, invite the new into life. Caring for you and your surroundings in harmony, harmony and inner peace.

This retreat is for:


The exploration of one's own soul in the information field of infinite possibilities. Experiences that go far beyond the purely material and beyond your own ego.

Ideen bekommen

creative minds

Dive into states of consciousness where you can gain inspiration, new perspectives and insights. For all those who want to expand in their profession and in their artistic expression. (e.g. art, music, dance, IT projects, film makers)



The world is changing, old things seem to be falling apart or no longer working. New entrepreneurial ideas and concepts are needed. Companies with new perspectives that serve people. A fair cooperation between companies and corporations for its employees and customers.

Ende der spirituellen Suche


For all those who are on their spiritual search for the root of being, to wake up from dreams and illusions. For those who are willing to let go of concepts and conditioning to enter their true natural state.

1. Awakening

If the biological conditioning falls through conscious recognition of the filters (e.g. such as fear, guilt and doubt), the connection to the origin can take place, to the dynamic of an eternally unfolding life process beyond the imaginable.

Mental and emotional cleansing

Letting go of past and future

Schamansiches Reisen

Journeys into the infinite
information field

Here you are in contact with the shaman deep within you.

The contact with entheogenic substances and the psycho-shamanic integration work enables a deep, very own state of yourself. This self is creativity. Beyond this creativity, you enter new spaces and levels of consciousness. Be your own consciousness researcher and enjoy recognizing your infinite play possibilities.


Discovery and uncovering of your potential

Self-exploration in the information field of possibilities

The becoming whole
3. Sanation

In this sense, sanation means becoming whole, healing, which is where the term holy comes from. This step is an act of connection with the “El Dorado” in oneself, a mystical act that signifies the natural reunion with the divine self.

This step can only be taken independently, responsibly and in devotion and modestly, it happens. This miracle presents itself when the time is right, the path of mystery.

The actual path opens through the connection of the first step, waking up, and ends with the third step of sanation. El Dorado, experienced deep within oneself, wants to be shared with everyone.

It bears witness to an unfathomable eternal creation that always was. Only by becoming empty can everything fill in the mystery of El Dorado.

So all is one in wisdom, love, joy and beauty.

awakening and self-knowledge


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Recover your inner treasure:
receive your "El Dorado"

El Dorado Retreat in Tenerife, Ayahuasca Spain

Once the El Dorado has been discovered within, a transformation takes place all by itself. Here all thoughts, feelings and actions become fully conscious. You realize that everything is part of your own consciousness. This opens all doors and in El Dorado the inner treasure is lifted. There one’s own gifts and talents are hidden in order to share them with the environment as a human being.

Contents, dates and price of the retreat:

3 nights with guided Ayahuasca ceremonies

Ayahuasca Retreats spain private

Psycho-shamanic integration work

island environment

Kambo Frosch

Kambo Sessions:
Mental and physical purification

Bufo Alvarius Sessions:
The Encounter with the Divine

Healthy and vegan/vegetarian meals

Ayahuasca El Dorado Retreat
(Small Groups 8 -15)

Language and translation: Available languages ​​English, German and Spanish. On-site translators
The retreat offer includes:
  • 3 nights with guided Ayahuasca ceremony (every night)
  • Psycho-shamanic interaction work: group or individual integration talks
  • 3x Kambo Sessions
  • 1x Bufo Alvarius Ceremony
  • Rapé Sessions (shamanic snuff for purification)
  • Accommodation in a single room, double room or shared room
  • 3 meals a day, drinks such as water, juices and tea
  • daily meditations, various relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Application of various shamanic and therapeutic methods
  • Preparatory talks
  • Pre-retreat medical check
  • Follow-up talks and integration work possible after the retreat via Zoom/Skype

Investment per person:
1,500€ – Total price for 3 nights with guided Ayahuasca ceremony and 4-day retreat in Tenerife; Overnight stay in a single or double room
1,000€ 2 nights with Ayahuasca
500€ – 1 night with Ayahuasca

A guided Ayahuasca ceremony takes place every night. Kambo and Bufo sessions are included in the price and can be booked spontaneously on site during the retreat.

*Flight, transfer and travel costs are not included in the price

Place & Dates:

Canary Islands (location to be announced)
Next El Dorado Retreat:
15. – 18. February 2024
16. – 19. May 2024
14. – 17. November 2024

Reservation, schedule and arrival:

After a successful reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation, information about your retreat stay and tips on your retreat preparations by e-mail.

Team El Doroda Retreat

Bild von Alex und Vera
Vera & Alex
Guides & Integration

Experienced guides with entheogenic substances. Psycho-shamanic integration work with over 15 years of experience.

Aleksy and Dacley from the school inspirales
Aleksei & Dacely
Food preparation, Osteo-Thai & Thai massage, Mindfulness & yoga

Our Interpreters, food preparation, Osteo-Thai & Thai massage, Mindfulness & yoga. Collaboration with the Inspirales School of Tenerife. Multi-disciplinary team to develop human potential.

Marc Knepper Bild
Guide and companion

Process facilitator at retreats
with entheogenic substances. Participant communication and advice.

Deborah - 27. März 2023
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Lovely people, open, warm, welcoming, great sense of fun and humour. They have huge hearts and care about your experience. They guide, advise and offer insight. Beautiful couple ❤️
Dimitri - 2. Mai 2023
Read More
Extremely deep sensitive experience! Thank you guys for making it happen! Seems like everything that bothered me during many years now gone and that’s because of you! Hope to see you again!
Facebook Review - 12. April 2022
Read More
Vera, Alex, Mark and Edu were amazing and the best guides. We truly became a family. My experiences changed my life, hopefully for the long run. I can’t express enough gratitude for my experience with Safe Spirit. Advice would be to let go and surrender to your experience.
Deborah - 02. Januar 2023
Read More
Marc is great, he is so lovely, kind, fun and helpful. Marc does a wonderful job welcoming everyone and is always ready to help you get the best from your experience. Marc provides information regarding the retreat, travel options and directions. I have a lot of time for Marc, he is a wonderful person and I love his company.
Antonios - 02. Januar 2023
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I had a 2 day retreat with the guys..Great experience and people.. attentive and caring but also very honest creating a safe space .. beautiful quiet area too away from the touristic parts of the island. Basic accommodation gives the feeling of a family gathering at my auntie's. Highly recommended.
Frau am Pool