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Thank you for visiting one of our retreats. If you would like to write something in our guestbook, you are warmly invited to do so.

We wish you all the best for you.

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3 Einträge
Magdalena Magdalena aus Warsaw, Poland schrieb am März 23, 2024 um 3:38 pm
I decided to experience two ceremonies with Safe Spirit & both were exceptional. I felt safe, protected and surronded by great kindness. I could submit to the medecine, follow the signs and connect to the inner wisdom. Out of body experience with no fear, powerful consciusness presence, unforgetable visions, whispering voices and that amazing feeling of Peace and Love…I received exactly what my soul needed. Great reminder of acceptance and joy. I am fascinated with the wisdom of sacred plants. Thank you Safe Spirit Team for the great leading, beautiful music and wonderful deep conversations after which help in integrating all these unique experiences to transform and start the journey here, on the Earth, like newborn, happy and full of light! Hugs! 💕
Kelli Jones Kelli Jones schrieb am Januar 2, 2024 um 9:12 am
How to put into words Marc, Alex and Vera (as well as all the other incredible, and welcoming humans who have hosted me). I have returned twice, (which says a lot 🙏🏼😊). I went in March ‘23 and more recently in November. There is a home-like feel to the people and the place like no other. The experience is always unique, to yourself and everyone else but there is a calmness and safety to the entire experience. I had experienced plant medicine in South America, and I found my time in Tenerife as such a special experience, one of connection, love, humour, self reflection, breakthroughs, understanding. But the main part is how it’s facilitated- that’s different, on each of my occasions, you really do leave as family (as cliche as that sounds!) I’ve never know a retreat to facilitate it so well. It holds a special place to me and I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone who is considering doing plant medicines for the first time, as it’s such a calming and safe environment. As well as returning for more sittings with Mother Aya. Thank you all again, till the next time! Kelli 🙏🏼
Marc Marc schrieb am Dezember 5, 2023 um 12:26 pm
Hallo liebes Gästebuch, danke das du so gut funktionierst. Mögest du unseren Teilnehmern eine große Freude bereiten. Test-Eintrag🌈