Guided ceremonies with entheogenic plants, for the release of personal potential, in therapeutic accompaniment.

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have before a retreat with ayahuasca. Please just write us a short message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ayahuasca Tenrife

Body, Mind and Soul

In harmony with our inner and outer world.

The goal of our work is the reconnection with our origin and the contact to the very own ground of consciousness. This is the basis for making the unconscious parts in us conscious. In this way, old patterns, concepts and traumata in the body, mind and psyche can be released and freed.

When body, mind and psyche are finally aligned, we reconnect with our true being. To achieve this, we use various tools, which we apply tailored to individual needs.

We work with individuals, groups and couples with conscious use of ancestral medicine and plant technology.

Powerful natural remedy

Conscious use of Ayahuasca, Kambó, San Pedro, Sananga, Ambil, Rapé and Chimú.

Awareness raising

Meditation, breathing techniques, transpersonal psychology, integrative techniques

Energy Centers

  Working with crystals, bio-engineering and decoding to release energy.

other methods

  Music, creative expression, psycho-shamanism.

Who are you really behind learned
Behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs?

Deep inside you, the secret of life awaits.

Natural medicinal plants with a centuries-old tradition and integrative awareness work serve as tools for us to connect you with the original source of being and to recognize and let go of what does not belong to your core.

In the deep state of being you learn to listen to your heart from the silence: This is how you become your own teacher. Once your inner fire is kindled, your creative potential can flow. From now on you can shape your life independently of external circumstances and live with true personal responsibility.

Various techniques such as meditation and conscious breathing work support our work. During the treatment we use energy work, intuitive body work and individual art expression to support the process.


Shamanic Methods and techniques

to release energy blocks Various traditional shamanic tools are available to us in our work. These tools only serve as door openers for the reconnection to our true being. It is important to us that the participant does not become dependent on substances, rituals or people. Rather, the participant discovers his intuition, activates his self-healing powers and becomes his own shaman.


Ein schamanischer Schnupftabak der in einer Ayahuasca Zeremonie und im Alltag eingesetzt werden kann, um

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