Why attend an Ayahuasca ceremony, what are the benefits and how does this jungle practice work? You can find out all about this on this page.
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the wine of soul

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Ayahuasca has been used as a herbal medicine by shamans in the Amazon region of South America for centuries. The name Ayahuasca means something like the wine of the soul (vine of the soul).

The psychoactive potion consists of two different plants: the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaves of the chacruna bush (Psychotria viridis). The medicine is boiled for several hours. The monoamine oxidase inhibitors from the ayahuasca liana ensure that the tryptamines (DMT and 5-Meo-DMT) in the leaves of the chacruna bush can pass the blood-brain barrier and dock to the appropriate receptors in the brain.

The strong cleansing effect of the ayahuasca drink stimulates the body to detoxify. In the further process, a purification on a mental and psychological level is also initiated. Deeper-lying causes for self-destructive relationship and action patterns such as addictive behavior can be identified.

Old injuries and trauma from the subconscious can come to the fore. This makes them accessible for processing, which means that physical, mental and spiritual blockages can be changed and, ideally, dissolved. The decisive factor here is always the conscious integration of experiences (LINK).

Bitter substances from the ayahuasca drink ensure a detoxification of the entire body (especially the intestinal and gastric tract)
Deep spiritual insights about life and the connection to the greater. (unity consciousness, strong connection with other people, plants, animals and the universe)
Effectiveness in addiction, depressive symptoms and fears, processing of trauma and clarity about one’s own past

During the process, deep insights into life, one’s life purpose and the human connection to nature and the transcendental can often be gained.

In recent years, more and more scientific studies have been carried out examining the therapeutic effects of ayahuasca. Among other things, a positive effect on the course of treatment for addictive behavior, depressive symptoms and fears as well as an improvement in the ability to introspect was found.

Study overview

Ayahuasca study from Hamill et al. (2019) in the paper Current Neuropharmacology

FAQ - Ayahuasca

Questions about Ayahuasca and the ceremony​

Please check your health beforehand. If you don’t feel well, if you feel sick, you should rather not participate in the retreat. Danger! In some cases, even before the retreat, the body and mind react with excitement, restlessness, intense dreams or even physical ailments. Please check for yourself whether you can participate in the retreat. If necessary, talk to your doctor or ask someone from the Safe Spirit team.

Please let us know in advance if you currently have any medication or allergies. So that there are no complications between Ayahuasca and the medication taken during the night ceremony. Please discuss with your doctor beforehand whether it is possible to take part in the retreat despite taking medication or not. If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance. So that we can take this into account when preparing the meals and so that we can check that you can also tolerate the ayahuasca well.

Stress and not having enough time to integrate the Ayahuasca/San Pedro experience after the ceremony is not recommended. The body and psyche need rest and relaxation after the retreat in order to be able to process everything that was experienced in the ceremony. This also makes it easier to integrate into your everyday life. Therefore, plan a few days after the retreat for your recovery.

There are many opinions on whether or not a strict diet should be followed before a ceremony. From our experience, there are some eating and living habits that require a diet. All other concepts about diets can and should be decided by the participant himself whether he wants to do them before the retreat. From our point of view, the following points should be considered:
  • 1 week before the retreat abstain from excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. If it is not possible, you should at least consume less.
  • Avoid greasy and heavy meals
  • 1-3 days beforehand; Eat light food such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, chicken, fish, pasta
  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol for 24 hours

There is a lot of information about what participants experienced in an Ayahuasca, what they saw, what kind of visions/inspirations they got and much more.

Forget everything you’ve heard about ayahuasca and just experience it yourself. Otherwise, it can lead to the mind constantly having to ponder over when finally what you have heard about ayahuasca will finally arrive. This behavior can result in little or nothing happening because the participant is blocked by setting expectations of their own/personal experiences.

If you still have expectations or certain intentions, you are welcome to talk to someone from our team about it beforehand. It is always good to have your own intention, to have a personal reason for movement, instead of clinging to other people’s opinions and concepts.

Experiences with Ayahuasca

Das sagen andere über Safe Spirit

I can honestly and proudly say that doing the 3 day Ayahuasca retreat was the best decision of my life. I also feel fortunate and blessed to find Vera, Bogi, Alex and Gabor. They are really professional at what they do. My life is no longer the same as before. I was so sick of the old me (they said it was my ego and false personalities). I couldn't solve my problems, so I suffered from insomnia for years, so I started smoking weed to sleep and then used it almost 24 hours a day. For me personally, the Bufo Alvarius did the great magic. I truly believe it is the greatest wonder in the world. Through him I got to know the real me and I don't want to smoke weed anymore and of course I can sleep like a baby. Now I'm 10 days past retirement and I'm realizing incredible things in my life that I couldn't see before. They said that the plant will work in my body in the next 40 days and great achievements can happen. Since then I have been in contact with them. They help me with any questions I have. Thank you for being part of the most beautiful journey of my life. 🙏
Barbara ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Never in my life had I experienced such a strong connection with my being, with my self. This all happened after I decided to try Kambo. There were five sessions. I have discovered my true self. I felt a power, THE POWER, that we all carry within us and that we always look for outside of ourselves. Alex and Vera have accompanied me at all times and I will be eternally grateful to them. After years of addiction to many pills such as antidepressants and anxiolytics, I managed to break free from them by discovering that I am my only true medicine. The ayahuasca shots reinforced what I had already discovered: a total connection with myself, with my being. An immeasurable love. I recommend that you do not hesitate to contact this pair of experts who will undoubtedly guide you and help you access your own inner teacher. If you have any doubts about what I am describing, I am willing to share my experience with anyone who writes to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙏🏼❤️ ​
Paula ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Canary Islands - El Hierro