Entheogenic plants

Various entheogenic plants are available to us in our work. In addition to the use of entheogenic plants, we focus on integrating the experiences into everyday life and their therapeutic added value for the participant.

Ancient medicine and knowledge
Get to know yourself far away from conditioning and limiting beliefs.

On this page you will find a short list with the most important features of the medicines that we use at Safe Spirit. When working with plants, we follow the principle that awareness work is not linked to a specific substance. The plants cannot be reduced to a specific clinical factor, but rather connect us with their respective intelligence and with ancient knowledge that is deeply rooted in us.

This knowledge makes it possible to get to know ourselves anew, far away from all limiting beliefs and conditioning. Ultimately, your personal relationship with the medicine in question is particularly important.



Ein schamanischer Schnupftabak der in einer Ayahuasca Zeremonie und im Alltag eingesetzt werden kann, um

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