Ayahuasca Retreat in Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain in 2024

Here you can find our next dates for group retreats in Tenerife. If you would like to participate in the retreat with us on a different date, we can also arrange an individual appointment with you.

We look forward to your visit ❤️

Dates for Ayahuasca Retreats in spain, canary islands, Tenerife 2024

Next Inner Soul Retreats - Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Tenerife, Spain in 2023/2024

23.11- 26.11.2023
(3 nights / 4 days)

14.12 – 17.12.2023
(3 nights / 4 days)

Ayahuasca Retreat Spain Tenerife Dezember 2023

Spezial Retreats

9th – 12th November 2023 Ayahuasca Retreat in a small group (max. 3-5 people)



7th – 10th December 2023 Ayahuasca Retreat in a small group (max. 3-5 people)


Ayahuasca group events,
retreats and private ceremonies

Our group retreats take place monthly in Tenerife. The group size is between 6 and a maximum of 15 people. We attach great importance to good quality and professionalism during our retreats with entheogenic plants. We know about the various life issues of our participants and, thanks to our many years of experience, we can respond to their needs, possible illnesses and life issues. In addition to ayahuasca and other entheogens, we use various traditional methods from shamanism and Chinese medicine.

In some cases, we may combine these traditional methods with the insights of modern science and psychology. This combination offers us as providers and guides the opportunity to respond individually to each participant from a wide range of knowledge, tools and methods and help them to develop self-healing powers, which will give them more courage and self-confidence for their future paths in life give.


Ayahuasca in Tenerife:
Paradise and soothing surroundings

It’s no secret that the climate has an impact on our bodies and psyches. Especially when it comes to illnesses, be they physical or psychological. Can the climate, various environmental influences and the geographical environment have a positive or negative effect on the healing process. There are good climatic conditions here on the Canary Islands. Seafront location, lots of sun and fresh island produce provide a solid foundation for your own healing and spiritual realignment.

Ayahuasca Retreats in Tenerife

The group Ayahuasca retreats take place at different places on Tenerife.

In short:

  • Maximum group size 15 people
  • Private Ayahuasca ceremony for individuals and couples possible
  • Several years of experience with entheogenic substances
  • Safe environment and professional execution of the retreats
  • Combination of traditional shamanism and science/psychology
  • Individual adaptation of the tools and methods to the participant