Ein schamanischer Schnupftabak der in einer Ayahuasca Zeremonie und im Alltag eingesetzt werden kann, um sich wieder mit sich selbst zu verbinden.

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the sacred snuff

Rapé is a mixture of natural tobacco (nicotiana rustica or nicotiana tabacum), tree bark and various medicinal herbs. There are over 100 different types of the powdery mixture. They are made by indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin, such as the Kaxinawa, Yawanawa or Katukina, and have been used for ritual purposes for centuries.

The powder is blown into the nose with a tube and is used to break through blocking thought patterns, clear airways and the energy field. Bodily toxins and mucus are dissolved and excreted, which can be particularly helpful with colds and can also lead to an improvement in the sense of smell. In addition, the intuition and the connection to the other world is strengthened. Rapé is often used in the preparation of plant ceremonies.

Clearing of the energy field and liberation of the airways.


Access to the Otherworld:
Strengthening of intuition and door opener to other worlds.