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For those who would like to visit an Ayahuasca undisturbed, we offer private retreats with Ayahuasca, San Pedro and psilocybin mushrooms. These private retreats are aimed at individuals, couples or small groups of up to 3 people.

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Private Individual Ayahuasca Retreats

For those who would like to attend an ayahuasca in privacy, we offer private retreats with a choice of ayahuasca, san pedro, and psilocybin mushrooms. These private retreats are aimed at individuals, couples or small groups of up to 3 people.

Participating in an Ayahuasca retreat in Tenerife allows you to look deep within yourself to become aware of possible blockages such as fears, addictions, depression, anger, grief, sadness or other more harmful behaviors, habits and negative thought loops about best case, to be dissolved or for new options for action. When working with Ayahuasca, you dive deep into your subconscious during a night of ceremony and experience possible causes for current life circumstances.

Once the cause is identified by your mind/ego, possible new solutions can arise within you. Knowing why a current life situation is the way it is gives you new clarity, strength and courage to make changes in your life.

Traumatic experiences such as the loss of a loved one, separation and pain from a life partner, difficult situations such as war and flight can be processed internally and released during a night of ceremony, so that these old issues from the past can no longer burden themselves.

Preparation and interview

At the beginning, you contact us. This can take place by email, phone call or messenger (Whatsapp/Telegram).



After you have contacted us, talked to us about your current physical and psychological state, we can arrange an individual appointment for a single or couple retreat. Please make your request at least 10 days in advance, as we need a few days to prepare and organise the retreat.

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Arrival at Private Ayahuasca Retreat

When you arrive at our house, you will first get to know each other. We introduce ourselves to each other and talk a little. If you want you can already share your story with us here. After the conversation we will give you a questionnaire, which you should fill out. This questionnaire is about your current state of health. We will then go through all the questions with you. This is where the introductory talk takes place. We tell you something about the effectiveness of entheogenic plants, what they contain and how they affect the body and psyche.

You are welcome to tell us about your personal concerns here. We treat our clients very trustingly.

Procedure for private Ayahuasca retreat

After the initial interviews and filling out the questionnaire, you can move into your room in our house for the next few days. You now have the opportunity to arrive calmly and make yourself comfortable in your room. Some fruits, drinks and nuts will be served in the kitchen if you feel hungry. The Ayahuasca ceremony begins around 8 p.m. As an introduction, a few words about Ayahuasca and the other entheogenic plants are said. You have the opportunity to ask your questions about the plants here. In most cases we start with a meditation or breathing ceremony to relieve stress and just relax. Peace of mind is very important in order to have the best possible experience in the ceremony night.

We therefore recommend that you plan enough time for your stay on the retreat.


After the introduction at around 8:30 p.m., the ayahuasca will be handed over to you and taken by you. Approx. 20 – 30 minutes later the ayahuasca will start to have an effect on you. Now the actual ceremony begins. We do not want to say too much at this point, since the experiences of each participant are always very individual. No experience is like another experience. It is therefore also very advisable not to take the information and testimonials of other participants so seriously for your own experiences with Ayahuasca. Everyone experiences the ceremony differently, uniquely and in their own way.

The ceremony lasts about 4 – 6 hours. In some cases up to 8 hours. If the San Pedro is taken, a duration of effect and duration of the ceremony of 8 – 12 hours should be planned.

Music will be played during the ceremony, live with instruments, singing and music from the laptop + speakers. The whole ceremony is individually tailored to the needs of the participant. Meditations, music, incense and other shamanic techniques are used intuitively by the participant.

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Integrate experiences into your everyday life

After the nightly Ayahuasca ceremony, you have the opportunity to share your experiences from the previous night with our team in an integration discussion. With the help of the conversations, psycho-shamanic methods and therapeutic support, we can take a closer look at your current concern, why you came to an Ayahuasca retreat and look for possible solutions together.

Most of the time, however, the experiences with ayahuasca and other entheogenic plants were conveyed so clearly and unequivocally that the participants came up with the next steps in life themselves. Our team can provide assistance to better interpret and understand the visions and experiences.

Please make sure that you really plan enough time after the retreat. It is best to rest a few days after the retreat. The body and the psyche had intense experiences during the retreat and worked for hours into the night.


Kambo, Bufo Alvarius and Changa Retreat

At the private individual retreats there is also the possibility of ceremonial guided Kambo, Bufo Alvarius and Changa sessions.


Selection of entheogenic plants

For the private retreats and also for the group retreats, the plants Ayahuasca, San Pedro and psilocybin-containing mushrooms are available.

You can choose the plant for the night of the ceremony yourself, but we always give a recommendation for your personal request in advance, as each plant has its own effect on the body and mind. Depending on the intentions why a participant comes to the retreat, on this basis the selection of the plant for the ceremony is made together.

Ayahuasca retreats in Tenerife

The island of eternal spring, as some call it. The sun shines here all year round. The volcanic island offers an optimal climate to bring the body, mind and soul back into harmony. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the island floats. Switch off under the palm trees and let your mind wander. Everything that has happened in your life so far, you can put in the background for this moment and concentrate fully on this moment on the island. An Ayahuasca retreat on Tenerife offers you the opportunity to take yourself out of your everyday life and take time for yourself. We recommend staying a few days longer on the island to enjoy the weather and nature. The attitude towards life of the Spaniards, flora and fauna as well as the good food here on the island give new strength for everyday life at home.
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