Inner Balance: Ayahuasca Retreats in Tenerife

Inner balance is a very worthwhile goal, which can be expressed through inner balance, serenity and lightness in life.
inner balance. Image of meditators on a rock in Tenerife

Harmony and inner balance in a sunny paradise

The island of eternal spring, as some call it. Offers a soothing atmosphere from an impressive volcanic landscape, tropical climate and fresh sea air. This combination has an extremely cleansing and invigorating effect on the body and mind.

A perfect place to calm the body and mind, to free yourself from old burdens from the past or to not have to worry about the future. Just let your soul dangle and enjoy the present moment.

This rest, relaxation and the warm sun in this dreamlike setting can give us the necessary time for ourselves that we so rarely take for ourselves. Most of us have a lot of responsibility in everyday life towards work, family and friends.

Blick von oben auf Teneriffa- Ayahuasca Retreats

Experience self-love

Taking time for yourself is an important prerequisite for making profound and lasting changes in life.

An Ayahuasca retreat on Tenerife offers you the opportunity to use this time for yourself in a really meaningful and very efficient way for your own changes.

During an Ayahuasca ceremony you are confronted with yourself. Here you have the opportunity to reflect on everything you have experienced in life so far and, if you wish, to discard it. Many habits and behaviors result from our past. Not all of them are negative, but some we would rather not have in our lives. Negative thought loops or behaviors (anxiety, depression, addiction) in particular can prevent and block us from taking the next positive and constructive steps in life.


Impressive surroundings to realign yourself internally.
Aktivierung der Selbstheilungskräfte, um Energieblockaden aufzulösen
Der Teide als Kraftort, bringt dir die notwendige Energie für das Retreat auf Teneriffa.

Detect energy blockages

“Energy follows attention”, “As inside, so outside” are 2 very well-known quotes. These two quotes contain very important and life-changing messages. If you can consciously perceive them in everyday life. But everyday stress always ensures that that we get stuck in our routines.The liberation from these negative thought patterns and routines brings the necessary change in life.

But how can I break through these patterns and routines that block me and are actually harmful to myself?

First of all, we need to become aware of what these blocks are and how they got into our lives in the first place. This is where Ayahuasca and other entheogenic substances such as Kambo, Bufo Alvarius and Rapé come in.

These traditional shamanic substances can help you become aware of what is bothering you. During an Ayahuasca ceremony we temporarily fall into a deep trance-like state where we can consciously communicate with our subconscious.

Most of the time, once the body and mind have calmed down, thoughts (memories, worries, longings, inspirations, ideas) and associated emotions (anger, sadness, joy…) suddenly appear out of nowhere.

During the night of the ceremony, you lie mostly on a mattress while ayahuasca activates and connects specific areas in your brain. Brain activity has increased enormously compared to everyday consciousness. As a result, we can access our subconscious. Hidden and long-forgotten things can come to light.

Now, many years later, let’s look back at what happened. Can we automatically make peace with the past, and possible energy blockages such as fears, anger, sadness are automatically released. The “healing of the inner child” and the “opening of the heart” are also often spoken of here.

Once possible causes for the current problems in life have been identified, we come up with creative solutions for our lives all by ourselves. → Healing through self-knowledge. The clarity gained in this way brings self-confidence in life so that you can courageously take new steps in life.

Zur Ruhe kommen und ganz bei sich Selbst ankommen.
Die innere Einkehr, erfordert Mut und Stärke.
Vielfältige Tier- und Pflanzenwelt auf den gesamten Kanarischen Inseln.

Activation of self-healing powers through inner contemplation

The activation of the self-healing powers is also mentioned here. Just like after a broken bone, the foot grows back together and heals with a little help from the surgeon. Or like with a protracted/delayed cold, where the body can only properly cure the cold when it has come to rest.

And it’s similar with psychological issues that have to be dealt with in life. Psychology describes this process as psychological self-regulation.

With Ayahuasca there are many ways to activate your own self-healing powers in order to bring about changes in your life.

The most important power for the self-healing of the mind is the conscious awareness of its thoughts and emotions. If you are aware of this, blocking thought loops and routines in everyday life can be recognized and broken. The inner contemplation and the associated self-reflection of the past, present and future are essential for this type of spiritual self-healing.

Ayahuasca can bring us closer to our thoughts and feelings. One of the greatest results of taking entheogenic substances is that at some point we realize that we can decide for ourselves at any moment whether or not we want to pursue any thought or feeling that arises.


Achieve inner balance with entheogens

Once you have had the courage and strength to come to a retreat, you can begin the inward journey that goes with it. A look is taken deep into your own soul to reflect and let go of everything that no longer serves you in life. A kind of mental and physical spring cleaning takes place. This conscious journey inwards is the first step towards self-mastery.

Shedding old vices, being able to forgive other people and yourself, letting go of negative thought loops and cultivating deep self-love are the results of an inner mastery.

Accepting the present moment as it really is brings serenity and inner peace now finds its place in you.

Do you have the courage to reflect on yourself down to the deepest level of your soul, to let go and start a new life? If so, please contact us. We would be happy to help you take the first steps towards your own inner mastery.

Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats in Tenerife

We offer monthly group retreats and private individual retreats with entheogenic substances such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma, Peyote, Kambo, Bufo Alvarius and Rapé. The groups are between 8 – 13 participants. You also have the option of holding a private retreat for individuals, couples or small groups of up to 3 people with us.

Upcoming Retreats

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