Ayahuasca and the experience with divine consciousness

Enlightenment is being sought by many of us today. Ayahuasca the tree of knowledge and enlightenment.
I describe here the experience of a mystical experience of unity. This article is based on my own experiences of the last years, which I could experience during some Ayahuasca ceremonies. This is a kind of self-reflection of this intense experience with entheogenic plants. Ayahuasca and other entheogenic plants have been ingested by humans across the planet for many thousands of years for various reasons.  
There is an old saying:
“Before enlightenment, carry water”. “After enlightenment, carry water.”
  This proverb sums it up very well. The enlightenment ritual is a powerful method for some indigenous tribes of the earth to find inner balance and inner peace within oneself. When this inner balance is restored made in a person, a harmonious interplay between body and mind can take place. From this enlightenment (which is a very natural state of consciousness) , modern man has created an entire industry and shaped an entire lifestyle. It has been an integral part of many mystical initiations, cultures and other ancient traditions for thousands of years. The enlightened state serves to become aware of who we really are. So that we can free ourselves from compulsions, fears, hateful and self-doubting thinking and acting. Many personal life issues are the result of our past experiences. They have been influenced by external as well as unconscious internal factors. With enlightenment, all of that falls away. What exactly is missing? Your life story and your past are just one more story of many for the duration of the illumination process (enlightenment). At this moment you no longer take yourself, your own ego, so seriously. Until the identification with your ego stops completely. Then you recognize yourself as the world, the universe and everything that exists. The duality briefly ceases to exist. You are one with God, with all creation. You enter a nondual state of consciousness (Samadhi). The complete fullness of BEING is perceived. From that moment you realize that time doesn’t really matter. Every moment only exists now. Future and past are an illusion.

What happens after the mystical experience of unity?

That depends entirely on you. What you get from an enlightenment. The illumination “only” shows you that you are not limited to your own ego with your current life issues. But much more than your story, which you tell about yourself. As in the Zen Buddhist proverb “Before enlightenment, carry water”. “After enlightenment, carry water.”” It is so. As already described above. During enlightenment, do you take a wide distance from what you personally consider normal or your everyday consciousness. From this perception of being alone, you automatically start remembering again. Who you were before enlightenment. You begin to be more aware of your mind again. You notice how slowly your personal thoughts and their stories come back to you. You feel your body, breathe consciously. And slowly coming back. As soon as your ego structures have come back, you are completely with yourself and in the psychic reality. After enlightenment is over, everything is basically the same as before. “Only” that you now had a true self-knowledge and have reached the ultimate goal of self-discovery. You find out that everything is fine. It is as it is. Just let it be, deep inner peace and serenity set in. Surely some people need an enlightenment several times to discover this inner balance in themselves. Because after enlightenment, our ego wants more of it. It may be that some people then take refuge in these nondual states. Because their own life seems too difficult or exhausting for them. Further enlightenments can certainly be helpful here in order to rediscover self-love and basic trust in oneself. Who loves himself and has confidence in himself. Life no longer appears to him as tedious, painful or boring. Not having inner serenity and ease in life is the result of insufficient self-acceptance. Accepting yourself as you are personally takes a lot of courage and self-confidence. Since we have received different concepts and ideas from our society on our way of life, how a person should be and how not.

Possible intentions for an Ayahuasca ceremony:

  • To purify the body
  • To discover a person’s calling (vision quest)
  • Deep insights into yourself and the universe
  • Growing-up Initiations
  • Relief or even healing of mental illnesses (fears, addictions, depression and some more)
  • Release old behaviors and habits that are no longer useful (letting go of conditioning)
  • To self-discovery, awakening to the true self
  • To rediscover your own basic trust, inner strength and connection with everything that exists
  • Discover shamanic inner worlds to find out that there are other realities than the current one
  • Deepen heart opening, self-love for yourself and others
Ayahuasca Erleuchtung

What is the mystical experience of unityand what happens with it?

  • Awareness of who we really are
  • Ego structures dissolve
  • Harmony in body and mind
  • Fullness of BEING is perceived
  • Perception of time falls away
  • Increased sense of presence

Anyone who has been in an enlightened state once or several times. Experience the fullness of oneness and feel the pure essence. Knows that everything is fine and that there is actually nothing to do or think about. We are right here in our psychic reality to experience just that. What is it like to act, think, speak and

To feel. Everything that constitutes a human experience. That’s why we’re here. A kind of game with one’s own inner world of feelings and thoughts, which resonates with situations or people in the outside world.

Anyone who has recognized any of the deeper meanings of an enlightenment experience knows that our ego loves to tell us stories. The ego and the interpretive mind are excellent storytellers. We can always decide for ourselves whether to pay attention to these stories or not. Especially when it comes to fears, self-doubt and depressive states, you should always be aware of your daily thoughts.


My life energy flows where my attention goes.

Stop believing your own negative thought loops. And instead, allowing ideas, positive thoughts, and more inspiration into your life can plant a seed of abundance and confidence.


After enlightenment, life goes on as before, with a conscious choice about what thoughts and emotions I want to express in my life. And which we prefer to let pass in front of my inner eye as a cloud of thoughts and feelings.


After the experience of unity/Enlightment

  • Confusion may occur
  • Increased sensitivity in everyday life
  • End of spiritual quest
  • Recognition of one’s own ego structures
  • Inner Balance
  • basic trust and self-love
  • Increased compassion, for self and others
  • Living in the Now
  • More clarity, and then some

What brings me an Experience of Unity Consciousness?

  • Realization of the Game of Life
  • Identification with negative thought loops will decrease / stop
  • Awareness of his inner and outer worlds
  • Living in the present
  • Serenity and inner peace

Entheogens and psychedelics as a shortcut to experience of Unity Consciousness?

Finally, to answer this question: “Yes, ayahuasca and other psychoactive substances can be a shortcut to enlightenment or to a experience of the divine inside you!”

But that doesn’t mean that everyone who takes them will experience enlightenment. It takes a lot of inner work in some cases to bring about enlightenment within yourself. Basically it’s very simple. Enlightenment is easy and can be easy for anyone. It takes a willingness to let go of everything you have previously considered normal and real. The more open you are to new experiences and less waiting for an enlightenment, the faster it will come to you.

It’s a choice to use psychoactive substances as a tool to explore your inner worlds. Yoga, meditation and many other methods can also bring you enlightenment. But with Ayahuasca, for example, it is much faster to reflect and let go of everything that no longer serves you in life .