With mindfulness for more balance in life

One of the biggest, but also easiest, challenges in life is finding inner and outer balance. Once we have found this, life becomes light.
Pescador en barca equilibra su barco

“As within, so without,” goes a famous quote.

Inside = thoughts and emotions, inspiration, the way we react to anything

External = actions, manifestation

Once we have integrated this whiteness into our lives, we can from now on shape our lives according to our own ideas with inner self-responsibility and trust.

By mindfully observing your inner/outer world and reflecting on your life circumstances, we can easily find out that we ourselves are responsible for this. We have attracted most circumstances into our lives through our own causes.

Surely we have to put our past to rest first, stop feeling sick and stop the internal negative thought loops/emotions.

If we start to feel good and healthy again, we can use new strength to create new positive causes for a life according to our own ideas.

With the help of Ayahuasca, our psycho-shamanic integration techniques and other entheogenic substances, you are able to rediscover yourself and get rid of everything that no longer serves you in life.

Start your transformation to a positive and healthy life today.

We cordially invite you to our upcoming retreats with Ayahuasca in Spain and Tenerife.

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