Lose the old, invite the new: Ayahuasca Retreats Tenerife 2024

Always let go of old things that are no longer useful in life in order to invite a breath of fresh air and new adventures into your own life. True growth unfolds through letting go in gratitude.
Adventure Life goes on in 2024

The old is leaving and the new is waiting to be discovered. We wish everyone a happy and healthy year 2024. Thank you for being you 🙂

The adventure of life continues.

Small and large adventures await us in everyday life. Some of them are rather positive, others we would like to avoid and not look at. But both sides, the positive and enjoyable things in life as well as the negative and uncomfortable things in life, are part of these adventures. Our personal responsibility and strength lies in how we respond to our internal and external circumstances.

Make your 2024 something very special. Awaken the magician in you and create a life that suits you. 🙂

Introspective with Entheogens - Facing your “inner demons”.

If we seem to have fallen out of balance on the outside, it is advisable to take a look inside. Especially when we start to embark on an inner journey, a lot of pent-up emotions and unprocessed experiences/thoughts can come to light at the beginning.

These legacy issues are our “inner demons”. These can make our everyday lives more difficult and manipulate us. Such manipulations can include guilt, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, shame, fear, sadness, jealousy or aggression.

A type of self-sabotage occurs when we repeatedly follow these negative impulses, continue to pay too much attention and thus move in circles.

The art here lies in letting go. Find your center again. Swim with the flow of life instead of moving against the current and thus standing still.

The art of letting go - 3 steps to freeing yourself from your “inner demons”

Freeing yourself from your self-sabotaging emotions, thoughts and feelings is a positive step towards greater self-responsibility for your own life and towards greater balance and satisfaction.

Step 1 - Quitting:

…to identify with these thoughts and emotions. We are not our thoughts. This self-sabotage is the result of our past.
The past and the inner demons are illusions, they only stay alive if we pay attention to them. So we have to stop giving our attention to that.

Letting go means not identifying with it and not giving it any attention.

Step 2 - The Responsibility:

… bring it back through his inner being. Have we done it and realized that we can direct our attention ourselves and don’t have to let ourselves be manipulated by our old burdens? This is where liberation comes from these illusions of our past. From now on we can consciously direct our attention to what we want in life.

Consciously focusing your attention on what is present and serves my life leads to the release of the burdens from the past and your inner demons).

Step 3 - Living from the present

Once you have recognized how illusory the past and thus also our self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions are, you can focus on what is useful to you in life from the present moment. The same of course also applies to the future. It is also just an illusion. There is only the present, everything else is mind games, what if games… which can sabotage us again.

Remember, all inner mental worlds that you create for yourself, or have created unconsciously in the past, are illusions of your own thinking. Only you have the responsibility and the power to recreate a life from the present moment. Don’t make yourself smaller than you are, let go of the inner confusions and entanglements. Arrive in the present completely relaxed. Be grateful for what you have and love yourself 🙂

Ayahuasca Retreat in Tenerife
Spain in 2024: Invitation to inner transformation

A retreat in Tenerife promises a unique and enriching experience for body, mind and soul. The island’s breathtaking diversity of landscapes, from majestic mountains to idyllic beaches, creates the ideal backdrop for a relaxing retreat.

During a retreat in Tenerife, participants can find peace in the middle of nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yoga and meditation practices are often offered in harmonious surroundings, be it on sun-drenched sea-view terraces or in lush gardens dotted with the island’s vibrant nature.

Delicious local cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients plays an important role in the retreat experience. Healthy, nutritious meals help cleanse and strengthen the body while promoting enjoyment and connection to the environment.

Away from daily exercise and meals, Tenerife offers a variety of opportunities for exploration and discovery. From hikes in Teide National Park to relaxing strolls along the coast, the island is rich in diverse activities that invigorate the senses and promote well-being.

On a retreat in Tenerife, participants can not only improve their physical health, but also find inner harmony and mental clarity. The island’s inspiring environment makes it a perfect place for those looking for a holistic retreat to rediscover themselves and recharge.